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Dating of fossil

Megalodon teeth were worn as pendants and used in medicine.

Native Americans used shark teeth, including megalodon teeth as necklaces and tools such as scrapers.

So don't worry if you find a tooth with very small cusps, and can't tell if it's a juvenile megalodon or a subauriculatus; it's a Megatooth shark, leave it at that!

If you have a fossil megalodon tooth in your collection, click here to get a rough estimate of the size of the megalodon shark your megalodon tooth came from.

This image shows two views of fossil cetotherium (whale) vertebra.

Once the Otodus teeth became mostly serrated, paleontologists renamed the serrated Otodus genus to the Carcharocles genus, and thus the Carcharocles genus arose. Paleontologists assigned each slight tooth change of the Megatooth shark to a new Carcharocles species. This lineage example is not complete, as it is missing the Kazakhstan specimens, but it shows the general broadening and cusp reduction.

Where the genus transition occurs depends on which paleontologist you ask. It's important to note that each species is the Megatooth shark, with a slight change in tooth form over different periods of time.

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Evidence suggests the obvious; this prehistoric shark ate whales and other cetacea for breakfast!